Insignificant vs. integral

Driving to work, listening to talk radio and feeling engaged by comments about how insignificant we are when viewed from a “cosmic” perspective. Maybe I watch too much science fiction, or read too many comic books, or just didn’t pay enough attention to those more educated than myself, but physical existence is at least partially governed by time. That is, nothing  in physical form lasts, no matter how large or small. So I must reconsider significance from a “temporal” view. Terms like “now”, “always”, “never”, and “forever” would be of far greater use in defining existence and the significance of same. Not so much how tiny we are, but how integral – a part of reality – we are, that without our presence this reality could not exist, the “right now” that we experience moment by moment.

As the story goes, a little girl was on the beach. A recent storm had washed many starfish up onto the sand, and she was picking them up, one by one, and taking them back to the water to throw them in. An adult passer by stopped her and said “Look how many starfish there are. You can’t help them all” to which she replied “mabe not, but I just helped that one!”

At times it may seem we are overwhelmed, or won’t make much difference anyway, but I find that thinking to be my pride and ego at large. If I practice kindness and respect, I may be able to help someone, and if I do it to honor God, I am being used by Him to build a better “now” for someone, the one I am here to help right now. That is all the significance I need, and it is eternal. It is God expressing Love in us, through us, and to us.

what we do


  • A bridge between 12-Step groups and the church.
  • A Christ-centered, non-profit corporation

dedicated to reaching out to people with problems of addiction, compulsion, or codependency within churches of all denominations.

  • A ministry providing Christian resources, education through workshops and written materials, and tools to initiate and maintain 12-Step support groups.



  • A substitute for a church Bible study or worship service.
  • A therapy group – we encourage professional counseling when needed.
  • A “Christian A.A. meeting” – we are a supplementary program to other 12-Step programs, and recommend continued attendance.

Our Bridge

Welcome to “The Bridge”. Since 1985, Overcomers Outreach has been meeting in groups all over the world, sharing love and support with others who suffer as we once did from substance abuse or that of loved ones.

O.O. Support Groups…

study God’s Word and utilize the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (with permission). Only first names are used to preserve confidentiality. Honest individual sharing, along with mutual prayer, provide a safe environment where we experience the faith, hope, and love of Jesus Christ. A meeting format similar to those used in many 12 step groups is used to maintain an air of familiarity for those new to 12 step recovery as well as those new to a church environment.

Open to all Denominations…

O.O. support groups are fully self-supporting through their own contributions. The groups are all welcoming, regardless of lifestyle, religious belief, or lack of belief. Many groups meet in churches nationwide, but church membership is not required to be welcome. Discussions of doctrine are avoided and the focus is on mutual recovery and God’s wisdom as revealed in the Bible.

Hope for Addictions…

All are equally subject to suffering in this world and so are equally entitled to the blessings of recovery. Alcoholic, addict, codependent, or family member – join us as we walk in God’s love  as expressed through our Savior, Jesus Christ.